All Contributions from Derek Kendall

At the back of the White Hart

White Hart, 89 Whitechapel High Street | Derek Kendall

The rear bar has access to the WCs, and a small yard, since 2013 a smoking area

View of Leman Street

Pennine House, 28 Leman Street | Derek Kendall

Looking north with Pennine House on the left

21-29 Whitechapel Road

25 Whitechapel Road | Derek Kendall

No. 25 is located directly in the middle of the photograph above 'MTB Exchange'

Sedgwick Centre

RBS, Sedgwick Centre | Derek Kendall

Sedgwick Centre from South-West

129 Back Church Lane, looking north

129 Back Church Lane | Derek Kendall

photographed by Derek Kendall, 2016, with Pure Aldgate, 60 Commercial Road, and Dryden Building, 37 Commercial Road, in the background

New Loom House

New Loom House, 101 Back Church Lane | Derek Kendall

photographed by Derek Kendall, 2016

108-110 Commercial Road

Greater Whitechapel | Derek Kendall

South Coast Eyewear and Miss Scarf QQ in early 2017

Mural in the former Anatomical Museum in the Garrod Building

Garrod Building | Derek Kendall

Mural by John P. Blandy, Professor of Urology, presented to the Blizard Club c.1970

Whitechapel High Street and Aldgate Place, August 2019

Whitechapel High Street | Derek Kendall

The far point of the triangular site in the foreground is the site of Gardiner's Corner, a local landmark department store till it closed...

83 to 87 Whitechapel High Street, August 2017

Whitechapel High Street | Derek Kendall

No 85, currently a perfume shop, was the Olde Angel pub, rebuilt in its present form in 1900 but closed c. 1910

The retained facade of College Buildings, June 2017

College East | Derek Kendall

When College East flats were built in the 1980s, the surviving part of College Buildings, dwellings also built by Toynbee Hall a century...

The Culpeper, June 2017

The Culpeper, 40-42 Commercial Street | Derek Kendall

Looking east down Wentworth Street to the Toynbee Hall development site with the retained facade of College Buildings propped up.

Retained frontage of College Buildings during redevelopment, August 2017

College East | Derek Kendall

Th erest of College Buildings was demolished in the 1980s, when this part of its frontage was retained during redevelopment. When the 198...

Small-scale survivals in Whitechapel High Street

Whitechapel High Street | Derek Kendall

The stretch shows 89 (the WhiteHart) to 105, and beyond the Relay Buildings, 122 to 137 Whitechapel High Street.

74 (right), 75 and 76 Whitechapel High Street

75 Whitechapel High Street | Derek Kendall

The yellow door of No 75 marks the former access to Bull Court, in existence by the 17th century, and which survived vestigially until c....

The Royal London Hospital, view from East Mount Street

The Royal London Hospital | Derek Kendall

The Royal London Hospital, as seen from the junction of East Mount Street and Whitechapel Road.