129 Back Church Lane

1994-6 Postmodern block of flats, on site of Premierland picture house and boxing venue, previously Williams's Rents and Brunswick Place

Premierland to Fairclough's Garage
Contributed by eric on Feb. 23, 2017

Before this current building, the site held two garages used by the Fairclough company of meat transporters to service their fleet of tractor-vehicles and trailers. My father worked there as an engineer, and I walked these garage premises a lot to call father to tea. The garages were addressed as in Back Church Lane, and led to a yard which could also be entered from Gowers Walk, where we had a 'free' flat because father was resident engineer. Before the garages, one of them was the Premierland entertainment venue, so I could say that I have walked through that.

129 Back Church Lane, looking north
Contributed by Derek Kendall