18 Ensign Street

Built 1893-4 as the Mercantile Marine Board Office

Mr Maud's Sugar House
Contributed by Bryan Mawer on April 11, 2018

On the 1790s edition of Horwood's map of London, 'Maud's Sugar House' is named, abutting the Royalty Theatre in Well St (the old name for Ensign Street).1 Initially with Wackerbarth, later with Crook, Mr Maud ran the refinery from about 1789 to 1803.2 We can see the sugarhouse in an image of the theatre by Daniel Havell.3

In 1817 the premises were put up for sale: two-pan sugarhouse with 6 working floors, adjoining two-pan double house with mill room and 3 working floors, lump room, warehouses, loft, men's rooms and spacious yard.4

The later edition of Horwood's map dated 1819 shows the sugarhouse had been demolished and the site empty.5

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18 Ensign Street in 2015
Contributed by Shahed Saleem

Bollards on Ensign Street marking the site of the Royal Brunswick Theatre, in 2017
Contributed by Derek Kendall