3 Resolution Plaza

2013-14, Offices for EastEnd Homes, and entrance to Denning Point | Part of New Holland Estate

Resolution Plaza new building and open space
Contributed by Survey of London on Dec. 16, 2018

Wrapping around the base of Denning Point, the building with the address 3 Resolution Plaza is part of the regeneration of the New Holland estate. Of two storey with curtain-wall glazing it contains offices for EastEnd Homes and retail spaces along Commercial Street. Resolution Plaza, the new public space to its north, features water jets and a line of planters with small trees.

The new entrance to Denning Point
Contributed by Derek Kendall

The new public space Resolution Plaza between Denning Point and Ladbroke Court/Sloane Apartments, August 2017
Contributed by Derek Kendall

New Holland Estate in 2010 and 2015 - drawing by Helen Jones
Contributed by Survey of London