Darbishire Place (Block M)

2012-15, Peabody flats replacing Block K destroyed in 1940 | Part of Peabody Estate Whitechapel

Darbishire Place
Contributed by Christine.Wagg

Block K had been destroyed in the Blitz and the site was cleared and left vacant for many years. Eventually it was replaced by a new block designed by Niall McLaughlin, and named Darbishire Place in honour of the architect who designed the original estate.  The block was a finalist in the Stirling Prize 2015.

Peabody Estate
Contributed by Christine.Wagg

The estate was built by the Peabody trustees on a site acquired from the Metropolitan Board of Works in one of London's first slum clearance schemes. The blocks were designed by Peabody's architect, Henry Astley Darbishire, and the estate was opened in 1881.  On 8 September 1940, the second night of the London Blitz, one block took a direct hit, and nearly 80 people were killed. In 1995 a war memorial listing their names was placed on the external wall of Block L.



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