30 Prescot Street

Early 19th century house

Lodging house & the bombing of the Tower 1885
Contributed by amymilnesmith

"This is a quiet thoroughfare leading out of Leman-sreet, and the houses are chiefly tenanted by business people and lodging-house keepers. No. 30 is a tenement of four floors, kept by Miss Cannon, proprietor of a Book Depository, pamphlets, &c, being displayed in the windows of the apartment on the ground floor, which is also used as a sitting-room by  the lodgers. Of these there are several, but, owing to the exclusiveness which the inhabitants of London cultivate, very little attention is paid to one another's movements." The Daily Telegraph, 28 January 1885, 5.

The paper was interested in the lodging because one of its residents, a man who gave his name as "James Gilbert Cunningham" was a lodger there when he was arrested in connection with the Fenian bombing of the Tower of London that year. In their search, the police also found three copies of United Ireland stuffed up the chimney along with an article from a London paper about the attempted assassination of a Captain Phelan in New York.