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Railway Viaduct Abutment

Car park at 8-10 Old Montague Street, with building behind the Nag's Head, 17-19 Whitechapel Road

Building at south end of car park is close to the site of 1960s day nursery for employees at clothing factory at 12-20 Osborn Street

9 Whitechurch Passage

four-storey warehouse, probably built in the 1880s as an engine house for the London Metropolitan Railway Company

Crossrail Works, Cambridge Heath Road

temporary structure for Crossrail works

19 to 23 Osborn Street

derelict former garage building on site of Warner iron foundry

Whitechapel Station, Durward Street

early 21st-century, railway-platform superstructure

Wood's Buildings (west side)

1873, stables used as market store

Crossrail Works

temporary structure for Crossrail works

Whitechapel Station

2015-16, temporary station building during Crossrail works

Crossrail Works

temporary structure for Crossrail works

Crossrail Works

temporary structure for Crossrail works

42 Commercial Road

early 1870s shophouse, used as a smithy 1890s to 1930s

Underground railway services building, Durward Street

early 20th century railway building


1993-4, supermarket car park

United Standard House and Cromlech House

early 1960s former office, car park, warehouse, market and factory building (site of Boar's Head Yard), Cromlech House under demolition 2016

1 to 12 Bowman Mews

1993-4 three-storey block of 12 flats on site of railway sidings, previously Gower's Row

Unit 73a, 25 Cable Street

railway arches used as light industrial unit, site of Sun and Sword alehouse

Whitechapel Station

c.1884 station for the District Railway

Whitechapel Station

1876-7 station for the East London Railway

The Relay Building, 1 Commercial Street

2008 and 2012-14, 23-storey offices, flats, shops and entrance to Aldgate East station. Entrance to social housing in Tyne Street

Old Pump House, 19-20 Hooper Street

1885-6, former engine house of the LTSR goods depot, converted to offices 2004-5

hoarding on site of 141-143 Whitechapel High Street

hoarding on site of 141-143 Whitechapel High Street and former Aldgate East underground entrance

Whitechapel Gallery

2009 extension to Whitechapel Gallery housed in former 1891-2 Passmore Edwards Library. Incorporates entrance to Aldgate East tube station

85 Stepney Way

The Craft Building

1848-9, brewery stable-depot warehouse, altered c.1921 and converted to be artists' studios 2003-5, then to student housing in 2010-11

Pier in middle of Leman Street

19th-century stone and brick pier supporting railway viaduct

193B Whitechapel Road

deodorising shed of 1884 for railway works, converted to workshop use in 1886 and for shopfitting in 1908

15 Dock Street

1860s stables and factory, now offices