Sugar House

1885-7 for the Co-operative Wholesale Society

Making the Sugar House - archaeological watching brief
Contributed by david2 on Oct. 30, 2018

During archaeological monitoring of substantial ground reduction on this site a culvert that predated, and was cut off by, the Co-op warehouse was briefly exposed. It was FULL of redware ceramic syrup-collecting jar fragments, with very few fragments of sugar-loaf moulds.  I presume it came from a sugar house (refinery) in Leman Street in the 19th century.  There were so many fragments of jars that I couldn't collect them, I simply selected out the whole vessels. I did -however- give the developers a particularly large base of a collecting vessel and they put it into the foyer of their newly refurbished building for a while, which they christened "the Sugar House".  Maybe the find influenced their choice of name.

Sugar refining vessels, mainly syrup- collecting jars, in an old culvert behind 99 Leman St.

A picture of whole vessels is in Fig 16, page 358, on this link (Post-Medieval Archaeology, Fieldwork in 2006)