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110 Whitechapel Road

1846, shophouse, now restaurant and offices

16 Prescot Street

1858–9, built as Whitechapel County Court, Charles Reeves, architect. Converted to restaurant use in 1995.

2 Cable Street

1853-4, shophouse

113 New Road

a warehouse here was replaced by a shophouse in 1851. There was a South Asian restaurant by 1950, all rebuilt in the mid 1980s

28 Osborn Street

c.1840 shophouse, reinstated 1949-50

15 Osborn Street

1951-2, single-storey building, now a coffee shop

3 Osborn Street

c.1830 as the Russell Coffee House, partially rebuilt 1847, upper floors converted to maisonette 1999

84 Whitechapel High Street

c. 1957 shop (now takeaway) and office building, incorporating access to Angel Alley, upper floors converted to flats 2000-1

129 Whitechapel Road

c1825-6 shophouse adapted by George Davy to be coffee rooms by 1831, refronted in 1900

Needoo Grill, 87 New Road

house of the 1790s, restaurant inserted

64 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

1880s stock brick shop with residential over

265 Whitechapel Road

1767-72, part of group of four shophouses, Samuel Ireland, builder-developer, converted and restored 2007-8 and c.2012

267 Whitechapel Road

1767-72, part of group of four shophouses, Samuel Ireland, builder-developer, converted and restored 2007-8 and c.2012

97 New Road

shophouse of 1887, now with restaurant

122 Whitechapel Road

1903, shophouse for Isaac Weber, a boot- and shoemaker, Walter Gladding, builder, now restaurant

89 Myrdle Street

c.1900 dwellings

The Empress, 141 Leman Street

c.1785, house for John Bridgeman, tallow merchant, housing a restaurant since the 1950s

11A-11C Dock Street

1970, warehouses with offices, converted to workshop and restaurant use

8 Cable Street

late 19th-century shophouse, raised in 2002-3

115-119 Commercial Road

1900, built as the Red House Coffee Palace, now shops and flats

Maedah Grill, 42 Fieldgate Street (with 100 Greenfield Road)

1981–2, garment factory, converted to offices, now with restaurant and Qurtubah Institute

102 Whitechapel Road

1852, house with cafe and warehouse, later a boarding house, now shop and flats

108A Whitechapel Road

1922-4, shop (now restaurant) and flats

S Karir and Sons Ltd, 2 Brick Lane

c1955 shop and flats. First developed in the 17th century, this was the site of the Three Compasses public house by the 1780s.

61 Royal Mint Street (formerly the City of Carlisle public house)

1881 as the Blue Peter public house, previously and subsequently the City of Carlisle, now flats over a cocktail bar

1 Whitechapel Road (including 2-8 Osborn Street)

1957-8, former clothing factory with restaurant

95 New Road

1883–4, shophouse, a cafe and canteen since the 1930s

Mirch Masala, 111-113 Commercial Road

c.1900 shops and dwellings (now with restaurant)

86 Whitechapel High Street

heavily altered early to mid 19th-century shop and office building, currently (2016) a café

Sushino En (formerly St Mary's House)

1894-5, Clergy House for St Mary Matfelon Whitechapel, converted to post office and then to restaurant

Needoo Grill, 85 New Road

house of the 1790s, restaurant inserted

Arcadia Court, 45 Old Castle Street, and 4 (formerly 1a) Old Castle Street

1980s extension to Arcadia Court, with 4 (formerly 1a) Old Castle Street, on site of mid-20th-century single-story shop and restaurant

The Bar Locks (formerly the Horse and Groom)

public house, built 1902, painted stock brick

74 Whitechapel High Street rear

early 19th-century shop house, now a restaurant, upper floors converted to studio flats 2001

137 Leman Street

c.1825, house, converted to offices in 1850–1, with restaurant since c.1950, flats above

117–119 New Road

1894 by N. & R. Davis, dwellings with shops and top-floor workshops, now restaurants and offices

111 New Road

house of the 1790s, extended forwards in 1920-1 as commercial premises, now a school and restaurant

16-18 Whitechapel Road

1938-9, factory for Buck & Hickman Ltd, toolmakers

199 Whitechapel Road (former Black Bull public house)

A 19th-century building, refronted as a public house in 1925–7 in 'Brewers' Tudor' style, now a Bangladeshi restaurant

245-249 Whitechapel Road

1903, shops and flats

287 Whitechapel Road

1907-8, shops and dwellings, on a site built up since at least the 1620s

297 Whitechapel Road

c.1840 shophouse, used as a coffee tavern around 1900, front altered c.1980

12 Brick Lane

c1955 flats on a frontage first developed in the 17th century, restaurant of c1999

1 Dock Street

1853-4, shophouse

4 Cable Street

early 19th century shophouse, refronted in 1898, now with restaurant

The Culpeper, 40-42 Commercial Street

1883 pub, the Princess Alice, reduced from 5 to 3 storeys after war damage. Later renamed City Darts. Since 2014 the Culpeper gastropub

128-130 Whitechapel Road

1900-01, commercial premises for Arthur Winckles Brown, corn chandler

68 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

1880s painted stock brick shop with residential over

2–6 St Mark Street

c.1824, four-storey house, incorporating the Halal Restaurant, with origins in 1939

62 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

1880s painted stock brick shop with residential over and entrance to upper parts of 58-60 Middlesex Street

66 Middlesex Street, London E1 7EZ

1880s stock brick shop wiith residential over

90 Whitechapel High Street

1910-11 shop and offices, sometime site of Blooms restaurant, on site of entrance to Inkhorn Court

83 Whitechapel High Street

1957. café with offices (converted to flats 2007-08) over

13-15 Greatorex Street with 80 Old Montague Street

1961-2, flats above community centre (Morris Kasler Hall, a kosher luncheon club, converted to business development centre in 1999)

22 Osborn Street

1955-7 workshops, now offices with restaurant. This was the site of a courthouse from the 1790s to 1850s and a cinema from 1908.

126 Whitechapel High Street

Shop and former office building, built 1905-6 to the designs of Martin Luther Saunders (1857-1923), upper floors (127) made into flats 2010

Whitechapel Station

1884, station entrance (converted) with buildings and platforms for the Metropolitan District Railway, altered 1899-1902 and 2013-18

Aldgate Coffee House, 68 Whitechapel High Street

1853 terrace of four shophouses, refurbished 2010-12

8 Ensign Street

1994-5 flats

47 New Road

c.1795 house, now with restaurant

Ladbroke Court, 4 Resolution Plaza

2013-14, flats with shops to ground floor

91 Whitechapel High Street

1861 shop, site of a 'penny gaff' in the 1850s, now a restaurant with flats over proposed

30 Osborn Street

shophouse of c.1840 used as Tower Hamlets Savings Bank until 1892, converted to ritual bath, reinstated as flats over shop in 1949-50

32-38 Osborn Street

2018-19, flats and commercial units replacing a clothing factory of 1961-2, site of a sugarhouse of 1799

12-20 Osborn Street (Arbor City Hotel)

1957-61, clothing factory converted to hotel in 2001, on the site of a sugar refinery (1795) and the Victoria Wine Company's depot (1879)

Former Royal Oak public house

1873, public house, now shop, restaurant and flats

The Dispensary

1858–9, converted 1997–8

Whitechapel Gallery, former Whitechapel Library

2009 extension to Whitechapel Gallery housed in former 1891-2 Passmore Edwards Library. Incorporates entrance to Aldgate East tube station

Calcutta House annexe, Old Castle Street

1932 former Brooke Bond welfare building, later part of London Metropolitan University

89 Fieldgate Street

c.1907, shophouse, now part of Tayyabs resturant

Tayyabs, 85-87 Fieldgate Street

1907 as a shophouse with synagogue to rear, now Tayyabs restaurant

Tayyabs (former Queen's Head public house), 83 Fieldgate Street

public house of 1885-6, now part of Tayyabs restaurant

74 Whitechapel High Street

1828-9 shop house, now a restaurant, upper floors converted to studio flats 2001