All places in the category "Poverty"

76 Whitechapel High Street

1845 shop house, upper floors part storage, part-residential

20-27 Wentworth Dwellings

1980s brown brick flats with shop units to ground floor, and school to Goulston Street. On site of Davis Mansions

Sunley House

1976 brick-built flats on site of George Yard Buildings, later Balliol House/Charles Booth House. Demolished for Toynbee redevelopment 2016

19 White Church Lane

1898-9 as a house, factory and office (with 9 Manningtree Street)

The Wash Houses, London Metropolitan University, former Whitechapel Baths

LMU events space and home of Frederick Parker furniture collection, formerly the Women's Library, on site of Whitechapel Baths

The Community Centre

2013-14, community centre, temporary home (2016-18) of Toynbee Hall

10-14 Dock Street

c.1888 as Dr Barnardo's free lodging house for young girls, later converted to be offices for the Shipping Federation

Nagpal House, site of George Yard Ragged School

2003-04 offices with flats above, on site of George Yard Ragged School

Attlee House

1971 red brick block of flats and offices, part of the Toynbee Hall estate, demolished for redevelopment autumn 2016

Booth House

1965-7, Salvation Army hostel, refurbished and refronted 2000-2

Flats 1 to 12, 63 Gower's Walk

2007-8 six-storey block of 12 'affordable housing' flats (site of goods depot), part of redevelopment of 52-58 Commercial Road

Toynbee Hall

1880s Tudoresque settlement house with later additions, streetside building site of St Jude's vicarage

The Dellow Centre

c. 1990 accommodation for homelessness charity Providence Row


2005-7, Salvation Army Lifehouse, a women's hostel, replacing a predecessor of 1977-9 on this site and others on earlier sites nearby

Former Working Lads' Institute

1884-8, institute extended with lecture hall and swimming bath, shop inserted

20-22 Whitechapel Road

Site of the People's Market of 1867, adapted by William Booth to be a mission hall and used as Salvation Army premises to 1926, cleared 2017

College East

1980s flats (dem. 2017) retained red-brick frontage of 1886 College Buildings (architect: Elijah Hoole), part of the Toynbee Hall estate

Tower House, 81 Fieldgate Street

1899-1901, Rowton House hostel, converted to flats

Open space, Moss Close

former workhouse burial ground (1813 to 1853) then school playground (1862 to 1965), laid out as a grass mound in 1983-5

The Relay Building, 1 Commercial Street

2008 and 2012-14, 23-storey offices, flats, shops and entrance to Aldgate East station. Entrance to social housing in Tyne Street

59 Gower's Walk

2007-8 block of 10 'affordable housing' flats, part of redevelopment of 52-58 Commercial Road. Site of part of T.M. Fairclough hauliers

Arcadia Court, 45 Old Castle Street, and 4 (formerly 1a) Old Castle Street

1980s extension to Arcadia Court, with 4 (formerly 1a) Old Castle Street, on site of mid-20th-century single-story shop and restaurant

Victoria Court (Salvation Army Lifehouse), 177 Whitechapel Road

1995-6, Salvation Army hostel, rebuilding premises of the 1890s