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Navigate the Map

The main map shows all of the buildings in Whitechapel in 2016, outlined in orange. If we have information about a building (including images, audio or video), the outline is filled in. Hovering over a building shows its address in the top-left hand corner of the screen; clicking on it zooms in and shows a card with a photo, a description, and the option to go through to a ‘detail’ page with more information about the building.

This is the place to contribute your own information, images, video or audio about the building. Information about demolished buildings can be placed on the sites they once occupied.

Use the controls in the bottom left-hand corner to zoom in and out, turn the building outlines on and off, and swap the modern map of Whitechapel with historic maps of the area.

The information panel in the top left-hand corner of the screen shows whether all of the buildings are being displayed – sometimes you will have asked to see just the buildings linked to a  particular search term, category, or tag.

Find Information about a Specific Place, Person, or Topic

The search box in the menu bar allows you to search the map for a specific place. When you click the ‘Go’ button, the map will update and show all the buildings connected to your search on the map, either outlined in orange if we don’t have information about them, or coloured in if we do.

To show all the buildings, click the ‘show all’ link in the information panel in the top left-hand corner.

Lots of the buildings have been put into categories, so you can look at a particular topic if you want to. You can display all of the buildings in a category by choosing from the ‘Explore Whitechapel’ links at the bottom of the home page. You can also see these categories in the ‘Categories’ links on the right hand side of a building’s ‘detail’ page.

Many buildings will have been tagged with relevant topics, such as individual people or industries. You can click on the links under the ‘Tags’ heading on a building’s detail page to show on the map others places sharing this topic.

Find Everything Submitted by a Particular Contributor

Beneath the title of every contribution on the site is the user name of the person who submitted it. Click this to see all of that person’s contributions and the buildings they have added to.

Submit Information, an Image, Audio or Video About a Place

First, you need to go to the main map. To add information, click on the building or place you want to add to. You will see options to submit either an image, text, or audio or video. If you can’t find the place that you’d like to submit information about (or aren’t sure where to put your information, images, or other material), contact us.


Give your text a title, then use the large box to type your content.

Highlighting the text will bring up the formatting tool bar, which you can use to style your text (bold or italics) or add web links. If you don’t want to use the editor, you can copy and paste your writing from Word or a text editor. Add one or two tags, if you can - this will help others find your work when it’s been published.

You can click the ‘Save Draft’ button if you’d like to come back and work on your submission later, or if it’s ready, click ‘Submit’. This will tell the Survey of London editors that your content is ready to go. Once you’ve pressed submit, you won’t be able to edit it again.


Add a title and tags, and then click the ‘browse’ button to find the image on your computer – this is the image you will send to us. When you’ve finished, click ‘Save Draft’ to save for later, or Submit’ to send it to us.

Images should be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format, and shouldn’t be larger than one megabyte. Images must either be public domain, Creative Commons, or your own copyright: don’t just upload any images that you’ve found on the web. For more information about copyright, see our Code of Conduct.

Audio or Video

If you’ve found audio or video about a place on YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud, you can add it by linking to it. Go to the page on YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud with the movie or audio you’d like to submit, copy the link from the address bar and paste it into the box labelled ‘Paste a link to YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud media here’ on the Survey of London Whitechapel site. Add a title and some tags, and press ‘Save Draft’ to save or ‘Submit’ to submit.

Carry on Working on a Submission

If you have unfinished drafts, you can work on them by clicking on the ‘Your Submissions’ link from the dropdown menu on the main navigation bar. From here you can see all of your draft, pending (submitted), and published contributions. To work on a draft, click its title. You can’t edit published or pending submissions. If you’ve accidently submitted content that you hadn’t finished working on, please contact us.

Make an Account

If you’ve got an account with FaceBook, Twitter, or Google, you can use this to log in to Survey of London Whitechapel. Alternatively, you can make an account by clicking ‘sign up’ on the login screen.

Reset my Password

If you’ve forgotten your password, click the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page. Enter your email address and you’ll be sent a link so you can enter a new password. If you have difficulties creating an account or logging in, contact us contact us.

Change my Display Name

When you log in with your social media account or make an account on Survey of London Whitechapel, any contributions you make to the site will appear under your user name. If you prefer not to publish on our site under your name, you can change it in the profile settings.

Make sure you are logged in, then click on ‘Edit Profile’ from the dropdown menu on the main navigation bar. You can edit your user name and display name here.