Kensington Apartments, 11 Commercial Street

2013 7- and 12-storey blocks of flats and shop, site of 1854-5 Baptist Chapel and former 21 Commercial St (before 1878 11 Commercial St)

11/21 Commercial Street 1850s-1916
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Around 1853 William Farrow moved  from his house and veterinary practice in St George in the East, just to the east of Whitechapel, to 11 (later 21, now 11 again) Commercial Street where he set up a new practice.  After his death in 1878 ownership passed to one of his sons, Arthur Hastings Farrow, who kept the practice until his own death in 1916.

Sources: 1851 census, Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons archives, electoral registers, death certificates for Jessie Hastings Farrow, William Farrow, Arthur Hastings Farrow

Entrance to Kensington Apartments, August 2017
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Kensington Apartments with Bradbury Court beyond, August 2017
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Commercial Street Baptist Chapel, built 1854-5, dem. c. 1910
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Estate agent's video showing interior of flat in Kensington Apartments and views north and east, February 2016

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Police section house on the site of Kensington Apartments

The first few seconds of this unissued silent newsreel footage offers a rare glimpse of the police section house (a lodging house for single police officers) that was built on the site of the former Methodist chapel c. 1912. It was damaged in the war and demolished for Bradbury House, as art of the Denning Point development, itself demolished c. 2013 for the building of Kensington Apartments

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