RBS, Sedgwick Centre

Office block of 1988, former car park

Stern's Hotel, 3-5 Mansell Street
Contributed by Sheila on Nov. 1, 2018

In 1927 my father, Sam Stern, bought an empty warehouse at 3 and 5 Mansell Street, on this site. On 10 March 1928 he opened Stern's Hotel and kosher banqueting rooms in the building.

Over the years the restaurant catered more than 6,000 weddings and bar mitzvahs. In spite of the bombs the hotel remained open during the second world, providing a haven for many refugees escaping Nazism. It finally closed in 1952.

Government Digital Service
Contributed by paul on Oct. 21, 2016

The Sedgwick Centre will become the new headquarters of the Government Digital Service in March 2017.

Sedgwick Centre
Contributed by Derek Kendall



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