Aldgate Place

2014-18, Barratt London development, under construction, site of Gardiner's Corner | Part of Aldgate Place

Lloyd's Bank
Contributed by Gulam_Mostofa_Chowdhury on Sept. 13, 2017

Gulam Mostofa Chowdhury, interviewed by his neighbour Jil Cove, August 2017

I miss the Lloyd’s bank that used to be across the road on the big junction as I liked the building, I thought it was really nice. Now there are luxury flats being built there, which local people won’t be able to afford. I like some of the changes that have happened in the area as there are now more people from different parts of the world and we all seem to get on with each other.

We do have a problem of drug dealing on our street so I think more police walking around would be helpful and also more cameras. But I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Gardiner's Corner
Contributed by eric on Oct. 26, 2016

I remember Gardiner's (of Gardiner's Corner fame), and lived in Aldgate (East) in the early 1950's. My mum bought me some socks there once. Aldgate East was at that time busy with buses, trolleybuses, and I seem to recall trams, and duty policemen directing traffic. I recall a cyclist, with a modern bike with narrow tyres, getting a wheel trapped in the tram centre rail. The bike wheel was bent beyond repair.

Aldgate Place under construction in 2016
Contributed by Derek Kendall

Construction site at Aldgate Place, August 2017
Contributed by Derek Kendall

Aldgate Place under construction, August 2017
Contributed by Derek Kendall

Site of the former Gardiner's Corner, August 2017
Contributed by Derek Kendall