85 Stepney Way

site - or not - of the Red Lion Shakespearean Theatre
Contributed by david2 on April 1, 2017

This building, formerly used as a storage facility, was identified as the site of the Red Lion Shakespearean Theatre during assessment of the route of Crossrail, allowing Crossrail to take the route it did.  The site is scheduled for redevelopment and an archaeological evaluation found a row of post holes, potentially part of the theatre. Alas, further evaluation found they continued as a property boundary.   So the Red Lion  theatre is still 'missing'.  My flat, on the opposite side of the road, overlooks it.  Maybe the archaeological evaluation just wasn't in the right place and it is still out there?

http://74f85f59f39b887b696f-ab656259048fb93837ecc0ecbcf0c557.r23.cf3.rackcdn. com/assets/library/document/0/original/0004-r-redliontheatre.pdf   Crossrail report by the late Dr Phillpotts, locating the Red Lion Theatre

https://democracy.towerhamlets.gov.uk/documents/s90544/PA-15-01789%20-%20Comm ittee%20Report%20Final.pdf   Council committee report saying that they hadn't found the theatre after all