Code of Conduct

The Survey of London's Whitechapel project is a collaboration with volunteers who are interested in Whitechapel, its history and its buildings. We warmly welcome contributions – in fact, the success of our project depends on them. Anyone with Internet access can submit material online, and we are running events in and around Whitechapel to collect material. We also welcome submissions by post (see here for contact details).

In planning our project, we have created a brief code of conduct to guide you, and us. First and foremost, we will always act respectfully towards our volunteers and partners, and expect our participants to be respectful to each other and to us. In addition:

Contributions to the Survey of London's Whitechapel website may be edited or altered before being uploaded. While respecting the intellectual property and voices of the individual authors, the Survey of London retains the right to edit and shape contributions for sense, tone and accuracy. In such cases submissions will be attributed to “[the author] with the Survey of London”. We reserve the right not to publish inappropriate material, while welcoming the expression of opinions. Memories can include inaccuracies that we would not wish to alter, though we will withhold material that might be libellous, offensively inaccurate or problematically unethical. In submitting a contribution you are promising us that it is your own, or copied from a public domain or similar resource which is not copyrighted.

By submitting material to this site, you both confirm that you are the rightful owner and, unless otherwise specified, license the Survey of London to redistribute it, under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC) conditions. Some material on the website (especially images), may be copyrighted. If you wish to retain copyright of your images, please include a watermark to make this clear to other users of the site. If you are in doubt about the copyright status of a contribution, please contact us.

What does this mean? Creative Commons is similar to a copyright, but allows more freedom – with the CC BY-NC licence, anyone (in the world!) can take material from this website, use it, and even create new works. They only need to 1) attribute us (“[the author] with the Survey of London”) and 2) they cannot make money from it. For example: someone interested in clothing could use information about and images of clothing in shops in Whitechapel to create a website about the topic, or organize a talk for a local history group.

You can still use your own material however you want.

Please do not submit copyrighted work without permission (unless the copyright belongs to you!).

Under the GDPR, we gather and publish your submissions on this website under a Creative Commons license on a 'Legitimate Interest' basis. The Survey of London defines its legitimate interest as being to create a comprehensive document of the history of Whitechapel which is of long-lasting benefit both to the general public and the academic community. It is therefore necessary for us to process your submissions in this way. Other than your final published submissions and the user name under which you submit them, your personal information will not be shared, nor will it be used for other purposes.

Contributors should always endeavour to treat each other with consideration and respect. The site’s editors can temporarily or permanently ban users who fail to participate in a civil manner, politely, calmly and reasonably. Their duty is to keep the focus on improving the resource and to help maintain a pleasant reading and viewing environment. Please do not use the site to advertise for commercial purposes.

The Survey of London's Whitechapel project is an Open Access initiative. For the purpose of UK Legislation, copyright for all images resides with UCL (University College London) unless otherwise specified. All material submitted to the Survey of London Whitechapel website is considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC 3.0) licence.

Users who wish to cite material from this website in publications should cite the URL ( and the date on which the website was consulted. To cite the project and website as a whole please use the following format: Survey of London: Histories of Whitechapel Online (, and the date).


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Email Addresses

We ask for your email address when you make an account with Survey of London Whitechapel so that we can contact you if we’ve got a question about your submissions, and to let you know when they’ve been published. You can opt-out of these emails at any time, and we won’t share your email address with anyone else.

Please report any errors or abuses to the project editors at