Unit 73a, 25 Cable Street

fifteen-arch brick structure, built to support girder ends of 1892–3 railway below goods depot sidings

The Sun and Sword
Contributed by Mark Ballard

The north-west corner of the junction between the present-day Cable St and Backchurch Lane (then called Church Lane) was occupied in 1750 by a copyhold alehouse called the 'Sun and Sword'. According to Lockie (1810), though not in the maps of Rocque and Horwood, Rosemary Lane (the old name for Royal Mint St) extended as far east as this - in fact as far as Wellclose Square - and the deeds for the 'Sun and Sword' indicate that this stretch of it was known in 1750 as Rag Fair. Prior to that date the innkeeper tenants were the Bayles family, who  leased it that year, and, then in 1773, to a local greengrocer, the two adjoining timber houses to the west. 1

Mark Ballard

  1. Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, P/SLC/1/17/33-34 

View of Cable Street, Royal Mint Street and Leman Street 1977
Contributed by danny

Mill Yard railway arches
Contributed by duncan2

Garage workshops under the railway arches
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