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The White Chapel Building (former Sedgwick Centre)

Office block of 1982-4, originally with basement shopping centre, refurbished and renamed 2015-18

2–6 St Mark Street

c.1824, four-storey house, incorporating the Halal Restaurant, with origins in 1939

English Martyrs RC Primary School, St Mark Street

1969–70, school, designed by Broadbent, Hastings, Reid & Todd

1 King's Arms Court

2007-9, housing association flats


2005-7, Salvation Army Lifehouse, a women's hostel, replacing a predecessor of 1977-9 on this site and others on earlier sites nearby

hostel Salvation Army

25 Old Montague Street

1980-2, house, part of the Hopetown Estate, built by the GLC

29 Whitechapel Road

1891, built by and for Mark Levy as tailoring premises above and behind a draper's shop

1 Whitechapel Road (including 2-8 Osborn Street)

1957-8, former clothing factory with restaurant

Haji Nanna Biryani, 14 Whitechapel Road

Built 1881-2 as the George public house, shopfront of 1934

public house Buck & Hickman Boris Bennett Crabb & Son Ltd , Ashby Brothers George public house

21 Old Montague Street

1980-2, house, part of the Hopetown Estate, built by the GLC

Business Development Centre, formerly Great Garden Street Synagogue and Morris Lederman House

Former foundry to rear converted to be a synagogue in 1896, front range Federation of Synagogues offices of 1972-4, all converted in 1999

foundry synagogue Morris Lederman Federation of Synagogues

Whitechapel Technology Centre (East London Works)

1980-1, training centre with shops, altered c.1989 and 2015 and adapted for office use. Site of Black Lion Yard

75 Whitechapel High Street

?early 19th-century shop house, upper floors now used for storage.

76 Whitechapel High Street

1845 shop house, upper floors formerly residential, now storage

86 Whitechapel High Street

heavily altered early to mid 19th-century shop and office building, currently (2016) a café

88 Whitechapel High Street

early 19th-century shop and office building, with entryway to Gunthorpe Street and decorative features from occupancy by Jewish Post 1935

90 Whitechapel High Street

1910-11 shop and offices, sometime site of Blooms restaurant, on site of entrance to Inkhorn Court

91 Whitechapel High Street

1861 shop, site of a 'penny gaff' in the 1850s, now a restaurant with flats over proposed

20-27 Wentworth Dwellings

1980s brown brick flats with shop units to ground floor, and school to Goulston Street. On site of Davis Mansions

38 Middlesex Street

1880s shop and former warehouse

Calcutta House annexe, Old Castle Street

1932 former Brooke Bond welfare building, later part of London Metropolitan University

Arcadia Court, formerly 90 to 222 Wentworth Dwellings

1886 block of flats with shops at 30 to 50 Wentworth Street and 36 to 48 Goulston Street to ground floor

19 to 23 Osborn Street

early nineteenth century and later foundry, with garage buildings of 1950 and 1969, derelict

102 to 105 Whitechapel High Street and 2 Commercial Street

1909-10 rebuilding of part of T. Venables & Son drapers and furnishers

Toynbee Hall

1880s Tudoresque settlement house with later additions, streetside building site of St Jude's vicarage

101 Whitechapel High Street

1960 office building and former bank, on site of Tewkesbury Buildings

92-3 Whitechapel High Street

1861 shophouses, now one building, upper floors converted to flats 2001 and extra floor added

3 Osborn Street

c.1830 as the Russell Coffee House, partially rebuilt 1847, upper floors converted to maisonette 1999

29-33 Osborn Street

1965 shop and office building, since 1984 headquarters of Sonali Bank (UK) Ltd

16 to 20 Middlesex Street

1954-5 factory and shop building, demolished 2016

The Community Centre

2013-14, community centre, temporary home (2016-18) of Toynbee Hall

Kensington Apartments, 11 Commercial Street

2013 7- and 12-storey blocks of flats and shop, site of 1854-5 Baptist Chapel and former 21 Commercial St (before 1878 11 Commercial St)

New Evershed House and 28 to 42 Old Castle Street

2013-14, four-storey block of flats (New Evershed House), and eight maisonettes (28 to 42)

Islamic Bank of Britain, 97-99 Whitechapel Road

1927-8, built as Commercial Gas Company offices and showrooms

Block A, Don Gratton House

2003-5, student housing

Former Jagonari Women's Centre, 183-185 Whitechapel Road

1984-7, Women's Educational Resource Centre, Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, architects

GLC Jagonari nursery Matrix

Zam Zam Gift Shop (formerly the Lord Napier public house), 235 Whitechapel Road

1909, public house, S. A. S. Yeo, architect, converted to shop use in the 1930s

Grodzinski Kossoff's S. A. S. Yeo Lord Napier public house

Swanlea Secondary School

1991-3, secondary school, on the site of Brady Street Dwellings and Brady Street Mansions

42-50 Settles Street

Davis's Terrace, 1890-1, dwellings built by Israel & Hyman Davis (Davis Brothers)

Davis Brothers

Fieldgate Mansions, Romford Street

1905-6 dwellings

Rowland Plumbe Davis Brothers

Needoo Grill, 85 New Road

house of the 1790s, restaurant inserted

12 Settles Street

c.1900 dwellings

Davis Brothers

Former Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue

1897–9, rebuilt in 1947–60, closed and converted for use by the East London Mosque in 2015–16


Tayyabs (former Queen's Head public house), 83 Fieldgate Street

public house of 1885-6, now part of Tayyabs restaurant

5-6 Vine Court

mid 19th century housing with carriageway to former factory to rear, for coffee-roasting, later a clothing works

43 New Road

c.1795 house, refronted in the late nineteenth century

111 New Road

house of the 1790s, extended forwards in 1920-1 as commercial premises, now a school and restaurant

East London Mosque

Mosque, 1982-5


101 Greenfield Road

1963–5 garment workshops, on site of former 16-24 Fieldgate Street and 1-2 Greenfield Road

synagogue Davis brothers Lango House Walter For

30 and 30a Commercial Road

2019-20 flats over shops, on site of warehouses of 1876-8 destroyed by fire in 2007

John Harrison House

Ten-storey block of flats with a Y-plan, built in the 1960s.

ICT Learning Centre, 71 Varden Street

Single-storey building faced with pre-fabricated panels, formerly Royal London Hospital staff nursery. On site of 19thc terraced housing

Dental Hospital and Institute of Dentistry

Bold 1960s block designed by Stephen Statham & Associates as a dental institute and students’ union.

Royal London Hospital London Hospital Students' Union Stephen Statham & Associates Dental Institute

1 East Mount Street

Three-storey terraced house of 1878, with ground floor shop.

65–66 Chamber Street

2008, flats and studios

Sapphire Court, 1 Ensign Street

c.1997-9, flats

Shapla Primary School

1985-7, primary school

Leman Locke

2014-16, apart-hotel, on the site of the German Mission Day School, 1861–3

Denning Point

1968 tower block of flats reclad, and ground floor street frontage altered, 2013-14

115 New Road and the former New Road Synagogue

shophouse of 1851, refronted in the mid 1980s. The former New Road Synagogue of 1891–2 is to the rear.

Lewis Solomon Samuel Montagu

Vallance Gardens, Vallance Road

public garden, formerly Quakers' Burial Ground from 1687 to 1857, landscaped as a recreation ground 1879-80 and again in 2002-3

Greater Whitechapel


Treves House, Vallance Road

1959 block of flats

Hughes Mansions

1920s flats, partly destroyed by V2 1945, that portion rebuilt c late 1940s

Greater Whitechapel: former Deal Street School

Greater Whitechapel

Greater Whitechapel


Greater Whitechapel: Hessel Street east side

Greater Whitechapel


Greater Whitechapel: Bernhard Baron House

Greater Whitechapel: 116 to 128 Commercial Road

Whitechapel Market, Whitechapel Road

street market, with furnishings including the King Edward VII Memorial Drinking Fountain

Petticoat Lane Market

Street market since around 1760

Greater Whitechapel: Brune House

site of 71-79 Wentworth Street