59 Gower's Walk

2007-8 block of 10 'affordable housing' flats, part of redevelopment of 52-58 Commercial Road. Site of part of T.M. Fairclough hauliers

coffins discovered under Faircloughs
Contributed by eric on Nov. 1, 2016

Memories of Eric Shorter, b. 1936

At one time, parts of Fairclough offices suffered wall subsidence, and builders were called in to investigate and correct. I did not see, but my father told me that the cause was that underneath the wall concerned there were three lead-lined coffins, one of them being child-sized. He said that one was opened to reveal a skeleton still covered with dried skin. But a little knock caused the dry skin to disintegrate and fall away. I have since asked the Museum of London if they might know what happened to the coffins, but no one seems to know.