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Marks of the Lane, 59 Wentworth Street, c. 1960

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Mossy Marks (foreground), with Sally, Egon Zetner and Issy - working hard serving smoked salmon (from their own smoke hole).

Marks of the Lane - making the Lutkas 1978

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Furious frying to keep ahead of the Sunday demand for hot lutkas....

Marks of the Lane on film

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

From the 1955 film A Kid for Two Farthings, Mossy Marks Deli seen in the background.

View down Wentworth Street 1976

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

With the market street just washed, the National Westminster Tower can be seen under construction in the distance.

Wentworth Street 2012

Greater Whitechapel | mark3

The Savile Row of the East End

Site of Golubs

19 to 23 Osborn Street | mark3

During the 1960s this was the site of Golubs the Jewish bookstore owned by the Kaye family

Marks of the Lane, 59 Wentworth Street, 1978

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Selling bagels and lutkas on a Sunday morning.

Marks of the Lane Deli

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

1978 view down Old Castle Street towards 57 - 59 Wentworth Street to an East End icon - Mossy Marks Delicatecen (Photo taken by contribut...

Marks Deli

The Community Centre | mark3

A view down Old Castle Street in 1978 to to an East End icon, Marks of the Lane, 57 - 59 Wentworth Street - run by great-uncle, Mossy Marks

Marks of the Lane deli, c. 1974

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Margaret Thatcher and Monty Modlin visiting my great uncle's deli during her pre-election tour of Petticoat Lane.

The Palkowski warehouse on Old Castle Steet

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

This view looking towards Wentworth Street and the later site of family's Marks Delicatessen (57-59 Wentworth Street) is from around 1900

Golda Levy at work in Marks of the Lane deli, 1975

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

My grandmother Golda who worked alongside her brother Mossy Marks (Palkowski) at Marks of the Lane.

Mark Palkwoski's chinaware shop, Wentworth St and Old Castle Street

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Prior to moving across the road to 59 Wentworth Street (Marks of the Lane Deli), my great grandfather Mark Palkowski and family owned thi...

View towards Marks of the Lane, Wentworth Street

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

A 1975 view taken from Old Castle Street towards a well-loved repository of smoked salmon and shmaltz herrings.

Marks of the Lane smoke hole letterhead, c1950s

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

The site of the family smoke hole that serviced Marks of the Lane Deli (59 Wentworth Street).