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Marks of the Lane, 59 Wentworth Street, c. 1960

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Mossy Marks (foreground), with Sally, Egon Zetner and Issy - working hard serving smoked salmon (from their own smoke hole).

Marks of the Lane - making the Lutkas 1978

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Furious frying to keep ahead of the Sunday demand for hot lutkas....

Marks of the Lane on film

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

From the 1955 film A Kid for Two Farthings, Mossy Marks Deli seen in the background.

View down Wentworth Street 1976

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

With the market street just washed, the National Westminster Tower can be seen under construction in the distance.

Wentworth Street 2012

Greater Whitechapel | mark3

The Savile Row of the East End

Site of Golubs

19 to 23 Osborn Street | mark3

During the 1960s this was the site of Golubs the Jewish bookstore owned by the Kaye family

Marks of the Lane, 59 Wentworth Street, 1978

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Selling bagels and lutkas on a Sunday morning.

Marks of the Lane Deli

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

1978 view down Old Castle Street towards 57 - 59 Wentworth Street to an East End icon - Mossy Marks Delicatecen (Photo taken by contributor…

Marks Deli

The Community Centre | mark3

A view down Old Castle Street in 1978 to to an East End icon, Marks of the Lane, 57 - 59 Wentworth Street - run by great-uncle, Mossy Marks

Marks of the Lane deli, c. 1974

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Margaret Thatcher and Monty Modlin visiting my great uncle's deli during her pre-election tour of Petticoat Lane.

The Palkowski warehouse on Old Castle Steet

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

This view looking towards Wentworth Street and the later site of family's Marks Delicatessen (57-59 Wentworth Street) is from around 1900

Golda Levy at work in Marks of the Lane deli, 1975

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

My grandmother Golda who worked alongside her brother Mossy Marks (Palkowski) at Marks of the Lane.

Mark Palkwoski's chinaware shop, Wentworth St and Old Castle Street

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

Prior to moving across the road to 59 Wentworth Street (Marks of the Lane Deli), my great grandfather Mark Palkowski and family owned this …

View towards Marks of the Lane, Wentworth Street

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

A 1975 view taken from Old Castle Street towards a well-loved repository of smoked salmon and shmaltz herrings.

Marks of the Lane smoke hole letterhead, c1950s

Petticoat Lane Market | mark3

The site of the family smoke hole that serviced Marks of the Lane Deli (59 Wentworth Street).