All places tagged "sugarhouse"

Dryden Building, 37 Commercial Road

1999-2000, block of flats with shops

12-20 Osborn Street (Arbor City Hotel)

1957-61, clothing factory converted to hotel in 2001, on the site of a sugar refinery (1795) and the Victoria Wine Company's depot (1879)

30 Whitechapel Road

shophouse of 1846, rebuilt in 1997

Greatorex Business Centre, 8-10 Greatorex Street

former clothing factory of 1955-6, partially converted in 2011

7-8 Davenant Street

1797-8 sugarhouse, reduced in height after a fire in 1848, reconstructed and raised in 1894-5 and 1901, converted for college use 2007-8

52 to 58 Commercial Road

2006-08 shop, office and residential building, two towers, one of 13 storeys, one of 18, rising from 4- and 5-storey base

40 Dock Street

early 1980s, part of Vodafone datacentre (formerly known as Turret Business Centre)


18 Ensign Street

Mercantile Marine Office, 1893–4, John Hudson, architect

merchant navy Walter Gladding John Hudson Board of Trade

Shapla Primary School

1985-7, primary school

Bloomfield House

Greater Whitechapel: former Deal Street School

Camperdown House

Data centre, former office block of 1983, designed by Trehearne & Norman, Preston & Partners, site of former Camperdown House and sugarhouse