Bradbury Court, 24 Old Castle Street

2013-14, five-storey block of flats, part of the Holland estate refurbishment and redevelopment | Part of New Holland Estate

Bradbury Court, site of Evershed House
Contributed by Survey of London on Dec. 20, 2018

Bradbury Court is a five-storey block of affordable-rent flats, built as part of the regeneration of the New Holland estate. Its roof features photovoltaic panels and the wall finish is rain-screen cladding.1 It is named after Bradbury House, part of the New Holland estate, which stood on the site of Kensington Apartments.  The building that stood on the site of Bradbury Court was Evershed House, a block of 16 flats run by the Toynbee Housing Association. It wa sopened by the Prime Minister Edward heath on 23 September 1970 and named after Lord Evershed, Master of the Rolls, who had been Chairman of the Toynbee Hall Council from 1954, and had forestalled attempts in the 1950s to move Toynbee Hall out of Whitechapel, and an approach in 1960 by the LCC Planning and Valuation Department’s to take the site of Toynbee Hall for part of its comprehensive redevelopment plans.2 Like most of the low-rise blocks on the New Holland estate it was a rectilinear concrete-framed block, faced in dark- grey brick, with strips of expressed concrete floorplates. Evershed House was demolished c.2013 as part of the regeneration of the New Holland estate, which had been handed over to EastEnd Homes in 2005. New Evershed House further up Old Castle Street was its replacement.

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Castle Alley (approx site of Bradbury Court) looking north towards Old Castle Street school (site of Herbert House), c. 1873
Contributed by Aileen Reid