53 Gower's Walk

1993-6 Postmodern terraced house in red and stock brick, site of the entrance to the yards of T.M. Fairclough, meat hauliers

Entrance to Fairclough's yards on site of 52 and 53 Gower's Walk, 1950s
Contributed by eric on Nov. 2, 2016

Memories of Eric Shorter, b. 1936

As I walked it, ran it, cycled it, the Gower's Walk that I knew in the early 1950s was structured as I now describe. It runs roughly north/south and was cobbled throughout. The eastern side of Gower's Walk consisted roughly of three parts.

The top third, right up to Commercial Road, was ‘commercial’ and belonged to Faircloughs, the meat transporters. Mostly there were very tall brick walls, that had Fairclough loading/garage bays behind them, but in the middle of these was an entrance to the Fairclough yards [on the site of 52 and 53 Gower's Walk], with a long on-high narrow office where arriving vehicles could be ‘clocked in’.

Plan of Fairclough's Yard, c. 1950
Contributed by eric