46 Commercial Road

1871-2, former Hall of Gunmakers' Company, 1893 staircase, building sold 1927 but later recquired by the Gunmakers; now offices

Site of entrance to London, Tilbury and Southend Railway goods shed
Contributed by eric on Nov. 1, 2016

Memories of Eric Shorter, b. 1936

The Tilbury Warehouse had an entrance in Commercial Road just to the right of The Gunmakers Proof House. This was gated, and in weekdays the gates would be open but always guarded (it was, after all, a bonded Warehouse). I could never get in for a look, and had to content myself just seeing a few vehicles, including little three-wheeled Scammell trucks with flat-bed trailers entering and turning to climb towards a road that I think ran along the western edge of the first floor of the warehouse. I suspect that goods could be unloaded from train trucks here. In later years I learned that there used to be rare round brick gate posts, said to be extant in about 2009. I looked for them in vain.

The East London Friendly Loan Society
Contributed by Maureen on July 31, 2017

The East London Friendly Loan Society in Commercial Road, corner of Alie Street. People used to save their money there and when they needed a loan they got it on the amount they had saved, but tax-free.