All places tagged "Jewish heritage"

Qbic London City, 42 Adler Street

1950-2, offices and warehouses for Buck & Hickman, converted to hotel use in 2013

Buck & Hickman hotel George public house

88 Whitechapel High Street

early 19th-century shop and office building, with entryway to Gunthorpe Street and decorative features from occupancy by Jewish Post 1935

Merchant House, 39 Goulston Street

1884-6 block of flats with shops, 16 to 28 Wentworth Street, and later covered parking to ground floor, formerly part of Wentworth Dwellings

12 Settles Street

c.1900 dwellings

Davis Brothers

Former Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue

1897–9, rebuilt in 1947–60, closed and converted for use by the East London Mosque in 2015–16