45 Nelson Street

c.1826, terraced house. | Part of 35–47 Nelson Street

35–47 Nelson Street
Contributed by Survey of London on Feb. 17, 2020

Nelson Street originally ran only from New Road to Turner Street. Beyond, a kink marks the boundary with the Hawkins estate and the street’s east end was known as Storer Street, after the mother of John Sidney Hawkins and often corrupted to Storey. Evidence of the fracture in landownership faded in 1864, when the entire length was renamed Nelson Street. Development on the hospital estate started at the west end, where lots were taken from 1809. The south side was built up between 1810 and 1815, while several lots on the north side were only taken in 1818. Completion of the street was aided by an agreement between the hospital and Hawkins in 1824 whereby several small pieces of ground were swapped to simplify the boundary between the estates. The only survivals from the first phase of development are Nos 35–47, a row of two- storey houses on the north side at the east end of the hospital’s land. John Clarke, a builder and victualler, agreed to complete this row in 1826. Clarke also acquired a lease for the Crown and Anchor public house formerly at 49 Nelson Street, yet was forced to sell it in 1832 after declaring bankruptcy.1

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