At Home in Whitechapel

Thursday 1st June, 2017

An exhibition of photographs by local photographer Rehan Jamil of people in their homes in Whitechapel. The photographs show the ... | Read more

Whitechapel Histories Map

Thursday 1st June, 2017

A display of the Whitechapel Histories map where you can interact physically with it by sticking your pin on a ... | Read more

Going Digital: Mapping family history in Whitechapel with the Survey of London

1 p.m., Saturday 3rd June, 2017

Join a fascinating panel of speakers and explore Whitechapel's history through their rich family and personal stories. Joe Swinburne was born on Spelman ... | Read more

Whitechapel Guided Walk

6 p.m., Saturday 17th June, 2017

In collaboration with the Institute of Historical Research, we are running a guided walk around Whitechapel focussing on places of ... | Read more

Lecture - Boundary blurring in Whitechapel: Whose history is it anyway?

6 p.m., Wednesday 21st June, 2017

In collaboration with the Institute of Historical Research this lecture by the Survey of London will review the Histories of ... | Read more

Whitechapel on Film

5:30 p.m., Thursday 29th June, 2017

Film Night: Whitechapel 1968 In collaboration with Tower Hamlets Archives, we are delighted to present a screening of two contrasting ... | Read more


Local Exhibitions

In October and November we exhibited our project at local events in Whitechapel, firstly at the Gateway to the World weekend at Wilton's Music hall, and then at the Write Idea Festival at the Idea Store. The displays generated interest and engagment from attendees, and we ... | Read more

Whitechapel Stories

Submitted on behalf of Shahed Saleem At the end of November we held a successful storytelling evening at the Greatorex Community Centre in Whitechapel. The event was hosted by Spark London, a dynamic storytelling collective, and was part of the Being Human Festival of the ... | Read more

Walking Whitechapel

Thank you to all of you who came on our first Histories of Whitechapel walk last Saturday, organised through the Whitechapel Gallery. We enjoyed meeting and talking with so many interesting people with diverse associations with the area. The walk started at the Whitechapel Gallery ... | Read more

Local Historians' Seminar at the Whitechapel Idea Store

On November 5th we hosted a gathering of historians at the Idea Store who are working on a range of local history interests about Whitechapel and the surrounding streets. The participants presented ideas for future research and work in progress, which gave us a fascinating afternoon of ideas ... | Read more